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What if we have everything we need? ...and what do I really, really need on my phone?

27.07.2023 23:20

mobile screen

Last time I read one of these articles about stagnation in mobile segment. Many tech reviewers and journalists are complaining about new flagship smartphones that they didn't have enough new features and they are not enough revolutionary. I have a lot doubts about it. I think that the most of them are overloaded by features.

Ecology and zero waste in Dell style

09.01.2023 17:32

If you have been following my social media You have seen I have fixing some electronics last time. One of them was my old Dell Inspiron 7566 laptop. It had problems with the touchpad, keyboard and a swollen battery.

Except Dell I brought back to the new life two smartphones – LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 – they are alive and work like new. I’m motivated by education reasons, ecology and zero waste trends. I decided to give a new life for some devices and learn something new.

I repaired touchpad, changed the keyboard with palmrest and I changed termal pads, termal paste under heat pipe. Everything after that worked much better than before. I decided to buy a new battery.