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Hello Gopher and good bye Java

15.08.2023 00:20

Today is a day that opens new charpter of this website. I know, I wrote that I would never write about blog... I decided to make an exception to this rule because I have a good reason for it. Previously, my blog ran on Box 1.7 - my own CMS written in Java. A few months ago I decided to rewrite it in the Go language. The changes are very substantial and it works very, very, veeeeeeeeeeery efficient!

The idea/concept behind Box system was to create a modular solution based on extensions - it was very similar and inspired by Drupal. Branch 2.x is more monolithic. With this release my focus was on performance and security. The first website I migrated to Box 2.0 was the page about one of my projects: The blog started with newer and latest version 2.1, which I finished today. I will soon write an article about the Box project and its future. That's all for now Folks! See you soon.

I didn't forget about the blog

25.06.2023 23:39

It has been a long time since the last article. I have been very, very busy. Have you seen the new website of FireCat - my project? If not, let’s check it out. I spent a lot of time on it and it was a very productive period that made me very satisfied. I don’t want to write too much about it here. If you are interested, visit FireCat’s website.

I thought a lot about a future and future of my blog and other projects. I have some ideas and I think I found a new ways, new concepts and new perspectives. Many things have changed in the past few months, requiring a fresh look at technology. I have a draft of the next article, and I will publish it soon. But for now, I want to assure you that I have not forgotten about the blog. New articles will be comming soon… :)

Twitter - your account has been blocked

18.12.2022 12:12

twitter - blocked profile

Yesterday I decided to create blog profile on Twitter platform. After crazy and weird verification, everything went fine and the account was created. I posted one note with two links to C++ articles. After that someone observed my profile and I checked his profile. It was profile of someone who is programming in C++ and publishes content about it. I decided to observe his profile and after that my account got blocked and now they want my phone number. Twitter am I joke to you? We can live without Twitter but Twitter without users... I'm not sure... They really believe that you can't buy many prepaid SIM cards, register them and create multi accounts or buy registered cards from providers...

It's very naive and stupid. As I wrote, I don't need Twitter. Link to my blocked account:

Update [6.01.2023] After my e-mail to Twitter support, my account was unblocked.

Small explanation and small update

30.09.2022 11:19

Yep, once again about my blog. I made many articles about website updates on my previous blog and I don’t wanna make this mistake again. But I want to explain what the website is and what is not. On my last article You can find some informations about content but it’s not enough. This blog will be some kind of my diary where I will training my english and You will find articles about my hobbys such as programming and life style.

This website it’s not only a blog. Except that, you can find my small application Flux – it’s a web shell. I want to write article about it – I think, it could be very interesting. Except that, you can find main website – currently, there is nothing interesting here – maybe someday it will change.

That’s all now.

See you on the next article! :)

Hello world!

26.09.2022 00:21

A little bit delayed hello! This is my new blog and my new website. I tried to finish everything one week ago but... Still everything were not finished. I will make some updates soon and very soon I will explain a lot.

Previously I had polish blog and I was writing about operating systems and programming. Now, I have a little different concept. My english is not perfect and I will try to make it better. The blog is some kind of method for it. If you have any suggestions, write comment. :)

See you on the next article!