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Once again about C++23

16.12.2022 20:39

It’s very difficult for me to test new features of the new C++ standards on compilers that supports them poorly. For all of my C++ articles I test and try to implement examples containing new things. For this purpose I frequently build weekly snapshots of GCC.
This review contains a small overview of another new things. All of them with my tested examples.

15 years with Linux!

29.11.2022 21:35

Time is passing very, very fast. 15 years ago I bought my first computer with Linux and... I was sure it had Windows preinstalled. I was wrong. That is the beginning of the story. What was next?

First look at C++ 23

16.11.2022 20:01

It’s time for a first look at the C++23 standard. A few months ago I wrote a little bit similar article on my previous polish blog. I think, this article will be more complete and will contain more details and informations about more new features.

I made a website in C++ and it was very easy - let’s talk about Flux 2

03.10.2022 14:57

A the beginning I would like to explain what Flux is. Flux is a small web application which provides online Unix-like shell. It’s not only a shell. I trying to create small web imitation of the operting system. Now, You can find here an implementation of a virtual file system, executor component and virtual applications. I have some ideas for next releases but now I don’t wanna share it with you.

Here we have a second branch of the project. Flux 1 was written in Java language and it was based on the Play framework. Flux 2 was made in C++. Yep, I know what you think… "C++ and web-apps? What the hell is wrong with you?" Many people thinks that C++ developing is very difficult - many times that is true, but if you want to make fast, lighweight and high-level app It can be very, very easy. Sometimes much easier than with PHP.