15 years with Linux!

29.11.2022 21:35 dev

Time is passing very, very fast. 15 years ago I bought my first computer with Linux and... I was sure it had Windows preinstalled. I was wrong. That is the beginning of the story. What was next?


I found Mandriva Linux 2007 discovery edition on his hard drive. Before I installed Windows, I spent a few days with penguin on my computer. After that I installed shiny Windows Vista and I expected more and... Windows Vista disappointed me. KDE 3.2 on Mandiva Linux was very configurable. After weeks I decided to install Mandriva again alongside Windows. Vista was very slow and I changed it to XP. After a few months I discovered Ubuntu Linux and it was my main operating system. I didn't like KDE 3.2 environment, but it was more customizable than Windows interface, but GNOME... GNOME 2 was great. I loved it. I started my adventure with Ubuntu 7.04 and finished with the 10.04 edition. And after that I switched to Debian 5 (Lenny) and still use it.

Since this 15 years I tried many other Linux distibutions like SymphonyOS, Slackware, PCLinuxOS, Arch Linux, openSUSE, another editions of Mandriva and Gentoo. Except that I tried many other operating systems and I'm still doing it because operating systems are very fascinating me.

Desktop environments

As I wrote, I started my adventure with KDE 3.2 but I preffered GNOME 2. I tried with custom Fluxbox sessions too. Someday KDE 4.0 appeared with Plasma desktop and I fell in love until today. It was the time when I started to learn programming and my first chosen language was C++. Yep... You know what I want to write... I discovered Qt and I fell in love again...

Present and future

Currently I'm working on Debian 12 (Bookworm - testing) with KDE 5. I still code in C++ (sometimes professionally and constantly as a hobby/passion) and I still write Qt-based apps. Currently I have installed Qt 6.4 and I'm building code with custom-compiled GCC (snapshot 13.0.0 20221118). I have some a little bit utopian plans and ideas for the future of my desktop. There are dependent on my huge hobby project. I hope to write something interesting about it soon.

That’s all now. See you on the next article! :)

Mistakes or problems? Have you any suggestions? Leave comment, I will fix it! Sometimes, my english leave a little to be desired. I'm still learning! :)