Small explanation and small update

30.09.2022 11:19 blog

Yep, once again about my blog. I made many articles about website updates on my previous blog and I don’t wanna make this mistake again. But I want to explain what the website is and what is not. On my last article You can find some informations about content but it’s not enough. This blog will be some kind of my diary where I will training my english and You will find articles about my hobbys such as programming and life style.

This website it’s not only a blog. Except that, you can find my small application Flux – it’s a web shell. I want to write article about it – I think, it could be very interesting. Except that, you can find main website – currently, there is nothing interesting here – maybe someday it will change.

That’s all now.

See you on the next article! :)

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