Twitter - your account has been blocked

18.12.2022 12:12 blog

twitter - blocked profile

Yesterday I decided to create blog profile on Twitter platform. After crazy and weird verification, everything went fine and the account was created. I posted one note with two links to C++ articles. After that someone observed my profile and I checked his profile. It was profile of someone who is programming in C++ and publishes content about it. I decided to observe his profile and after that my account got blocked and now they want my phone number. Twitter am I joke to you? We can live without Twitter but Twitter without users... I'm not sure... They really believe that you can't buy many prepaid SIM cards, register them and create multi accounts or buy registered cards from providers...

It's very naive and stupid. As I wrote, I don't need Twitter. Link to my blocked account:

Update [6.01.2023] After my e-mail to Twitter support, my account was unblocked.

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